Allied Air Force
Active since 1948
Country Allied States of Western Weyard
Role Air force
Size 3,500,000 active
1,500,000 reserve
Motto Caela possidemus ("We own the skies")
Chief of Staff General Mark Benson
Aircraft flown
Attack A-22C, AC-145A, B-5T, F-47C
Bomber B-5C, B-11A, B-62L
E-4C, E-12A, EB-5B, EC-9C, EC-145A, EC-145P, EF-12E
Fighter F-45A/B, F-47A/B
Helicopter CH-62F, CH-62H, CH-74A, CV-101B, HH-101B, MH-70E, MH-101K, UH-72, UH-101C
Reconnaissance OV-5C, R-4C, RC-9A, RD-1A, RD-3A
Tanker KC-9B, KC-145A, KC-380A
Transport C-7, C-9, C-16B, C-27A, C-52A, C-145A, C-380, HC-9F, HC-145A, MC-27A, MC-145A, VC-9G, VC-380C